Yes! We build software

From the beginning, we have been focused on building the best software solutions for our clients.

We received very positive feedback from our clients, and we decided to share our work with the world.

Errand service for errand you don't want to run

Errand is a platform that connects people who need errands done with people who are willing to run errands, yet maintain a lowest price, and highest quality.

Hively partnered with Errand to build the application from scratch and deliver a product that is now used by thousands of users.


Delivery of any items from any store


AI-powered algorithm to ensure the highest quality and lowest fare

Next generation AI platform for every business

LAER AI is radically transforming the experience of search and helping organizations find meaning and patterns hidden behind volumes of disparate and unstructured data.

Hively join force with LAER AI to build the platform together and provide the best experience for users.

AI Bot

AI-powered bot that can answer any question


Search and find any document in seconds

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